October 22, 2020 2:53 pm

Friluftsrådet to test Presuno for its outdoor conference features

The beautiful natural surroundings at Naturcenter Sydamager, Denmark, will form the framework for live streaming a presentation by nature guides

Friluftsrådet, or The Danish Outdoor Council, an umbrella organization promote and support outdoor life, is to hold an online conference on children, young people and nature at the beginning of November.

Like so many other planned major events, the conference must be held online due to Covid-19 crises. And preferably live to create engagement. Therefore, the nature guides from Krible Krable will broadcast live from Naturcenter Sydamager as the conference’s last feature of the day.

testing the presuno app outside

The planned feature aims to include the beautiful surroundings as much as possible and therefore it makes sense to test Presuno’s streaming software with dual front and back camera recording, which at the same time should be easy to operate by the Krible Krable team.

In addition, it is intended that the audience will be able to ask questions during the event, which is also a benefit of the Presuno system.

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